Section 1:  Existing Sales Force Stats      
  Enter # of salespeople currently in sales team      
  Enter average visits or calls made per day by a sales exec      
  Enter total number of working days per year per sales exec      
  Total # of calls the sales team can make per year      
  Average # of calls / per sales exec / per year      
  Section 2:  Customer Types and Call Frequency      
  (Enter # of customers in each group and # of calls made per year to that type of customer.  Calls can be in person, phone or digital)  Total Customers  Calls Needed / Yr Total Calls Needed / Yr  
"A" Customer
"B" Customer
  "C" Customer  
Total Influencers
Total New Leads
  Total # of calls that need to be made (CFUs: Call Frequency Units)  
  Section 3: Capacity        
  Working capacity of salespeople (Cannot exceed 100%) (Enter as whole number, i.e., 50 for 50%, etc.) %    
  Needed Sales Force        
  Optimium size of sales team based on capacity      
  Required change in the # of salespeople      
  Total # of salespeople needed based on capacity      
  Additional sales people needed based on capacity      
  Available CFUs based on capacity      
  Extra CFUs needed based on capacity      
  Surplus CFUs based on capacity      
  Suggested Approaches to Sizing Your Sales Force