Selling Goals    
Enter your total annual sales target:
Enter your total sales year to date. 
Enter the additional sales revenue you are certain you will receive (according to signed contracts) for the remainder of the year.  
Current Sales Statistics    
Enter the average sale (transaction value)
Enter your average close rate - out of 10 "qualified opportunities" - how many do you win (on average)? (See Definitions)  
Enter conversion rate of new contacts (inquiries or leads) to qualified opportunities - out of 10 contacts (suspects) how many become real prospects? (See Definitions)  
How many weeks are there left in your sales year?
What is the average length of a sale, from first contact to close (sale)? (in weeks)  
Current # of Sales Representatives
Sale volume needed to reach sales quota  
# of sales you need to reach quota:  
# of "qualified opportunities" needed to reach sales quota  
# of new contacts (inquiries or leads) needed by the sales team today to reach quota  
Total # of Prospecting Calls Needed per Week.  If you have the same number of weeks or fewer weeks left in the year than the number of weeks in the sales cycle (from initial contact to close), you will get an "NA" answer.  
# of Prospecting Calls needed per rep per week  
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