Campaign Variables  
Total Campaign Revenues
Average Sale
Gross Margin % for Average Sale
Campaign Setup Charges
Calling Charges Per Hour
Contacts Per Hour
Conversion Rate of Qualified Leads to Buyers
Conversion Rate of Leads to Qualified Leads
Percentage of Responders/Inquiries
"2-step" Campaign Assumptions (Leave blank if this is a "1-step" campaign.) The fulfillment kits are sent to the campaign responders (inquiries/leads).
Cost of Fulfillment Kits Sent to Qualified Leads
# of Follow Up Calls to Leads per Hour
Calling Charges Per Hour for Follow Up Calls to Qualified Leads
Total Campaign Cost
# of Total Buyers
# of Qualified Leads
# of Total Leads
# of Total Contacts
Cost per Contact
Cost per Lead
Cost per Qualified Lead
Cost per Buyer
# of Sales Required (Buyers)
Gross Profits from Sales
Gross Profits per Transaction
Campaign ROI and Breakeven  
Campaign ROI % (Based on input variables)
The following breakevens are based on the advertising costs, average sale value, and gross margin.
Campaign BE (Actual # of Orders Required to Achieve Breakeven)
Campaign BE - Response Rate (%) Required to Achieve Breakeven Based on # of Total Contacts