Campaign Variables  
Total Universe of Names (Buyers, Responders)
Average Transaction Value
Gross Margin % for Average
Campaign Setup Charges
Calling Charges Per Hour
Contacts Per Hour
Initial Response Rate of Contacts to Leads
Conversion Rate of Leads to Qualified Leads
Conversion Rate of Qualified Leads to Buyers
"2-step" Campaign Assumptions  
The fulfillment kits are sent to the campaign responders (inquiries/leads).  Leave this section blank if this is a "1-Step" campaign.
Cost of Marketing Collateral or Fulfillment Kits Sent to Qualified Leads
# of Follow Up Calls to Leads per Hour
Calling Charges Per Hour for Follow Up Calls to Qualified Leads
Total Campaign Cost
# of Leads
# of Qualified Leads
# of Total Buyers
Cost per Contact
Cost per Lead
Cost per Qualified Lead
Cost per Buyer
Total Campaign Revenues
Gross Margin $s per Sale (Order/Transaction)
Gross Profits from Sales
Campaign ROI and Breakeven  
Campaign ROI % (Based on input variables)
The following breakevens are based on the advertising costs, average sale value, and gross margin.
Campaign BE (Actual # of Orders Required to Achieve Breakeven)
Campaign BE - Response Rate (%) Required to Achieve Breakeven Based on # of Total Contacts