This tool includes 24 retail marketing financial calculators to help you plan your merchandising, retail sales analysis, store planning and staffing, breakeven analysis and more.  Select the tool from the menu on the left and then use the box that appears to the right to enter your variables. 

To enter a value in any cell, click in the cell and you can use the number keypad to enter a number. To move to the next cell, click on the NEXT button in the keypad that appears. To reset this calculator to the initial zero values, click on the RESET button at the botom of bottom of the application.  You can open and close the individual panels as you enter values or leave them open to more easily conduct "what-if" analysis.

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Retail Breakeven Calculator  
Calculate the breakeven sales required to cover your monthly operating expenses based on your average transaction value and gross margin %.
Average Transaction Value ($'s)
Gross Margin %
Monthly Expenses (fixed costs) ($'s)
Breakeven (Transactions Required to BE)
Retail Price Calculator  
(based on markup or markdown %)
Calculate the retail price of goods based on cost and percentage markup.  You can also compute the markdown price by entering a negative percentage for markup (markdown).  Should be noted that markdowns are normally figured off the retail price, not the cost of the goods.
Cost of Goods ($'s)
Markup / Markdown Percentage (Enter markup as a positive # and markdown % as a negative # (e.g., -50)
Retail Selling Price ($'s)
Gross Profit/Loss ($'s)
Gross Margin %
Sales Percentage Increase or Decrease Calculator  
Use this calculator to calculate the percentage increase or decrease in sales.
Enter Previous Sales ($'s)
Enter Current Sales ($'s)
Percent Increase/Decrease
Sales by Department or Product Category Calculator
Calculate the percentage of total sales a department or category represents of the total store sales.
Enter Category's Total Net Sales ($'s)
Enter Store's Total Net Sales ($'s)
Category's or Department's % of Total Store Sales
Sales per Transaction Calculator  
Calculate the average transaction value based on the gross sales and the number of transactions for the period.
Enter Gross Sales ($'s)
Enter Number of Transactions
Average Transaction Value
Sales per Employee Calculator  
Calculate the sales per employee based on the gross sales and the number of employees.
Enter Gross Sales ($'s)
Enter Number of Employees
Sales per Employee
Sales per Square Foot Calculator  
Calculate the sales per square foot by entering the gross sales for the store or department and then the square footage of the store or department (including stock space)
Enter Gross Sales ($'s)
Enter Number of Square Feet
Sales per Square Foot
Net Profit Margin (Return on Sales)  
Calculate the net profit margin entering the net income and net sales.  
Enter Net Income ($'s)
Enter Net Sales ($'s)
Net Profit Margin
Return on Assets Calculator  
Net Income ($'s)
Beginning Total Assets ($'s)
Ending Total Assets ($'s)
Return on Assets
Average Inventory Calculator  
Beginning of Month Inventory ($'s)
End of Month Inventory ($'s)
Average Inventory
Margin Contribution Calculator  
Total Sales ($'s)
Variable Costs ($'s)
Contribution Margin
COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) Calculator  
Enter Beginning Inventory ($'s)
Enter Purchases ($'s)
Enter Ending Inventory ($'s)
Gross Margin $ Calculator  
Enter Total Sales ($'s)
Enter Cost of Goods ($'s)
Gross Margin $'s
Gross Margin ROI (GMROI) Calculator  
Enter Gross Margin ($'s)
Enter Average Inventory Cost ($'s)
Inventory Turnover Calculator  
Use this tool to calculate your inventory turnover for a specific period.  Enter net sales for the period, then the average retail stock for that period.  The period can be anything you define (e.g., week, month, quarter, year).
Enter Net Sales ($'s)
Enter Average Retail Stock ($'s)
Inventory Turnover
Maintained Markup Calculator  
Maintained markup is the difference between actual net sales and gross cost of the merchandise sold less reductions (discounts, alterations and workroom costs, etc.)
Original Retail Price ($'s)
Reductions ($'s)
Cost of Goods Sold ($'s)
MM $'s (Maintained Markup $'s)
Net Sales Amount $0.00
MM % (Maintained Markup %)
Markup % Calculator  
(based on markup $'s and selling price)  
Markup Amount in ($'s)
Retail Selling Price ($'s)
Markup %
Gross Margin % Calculator  
Retail Selling Price
Gross Margin %
Net Sales Calculator  
$'s Method  
Gross Sales (in $'s)
Returns (in $'s)
Allowances (in $'s)
Net Sales
% Method  
Gross Sales (in $'s)
Returns (as a % of Sales)
Allowances (as a % of Sales)
Net Sales
Open-To-Buy (OTB) Calculator  
Planned Sales
Planned Markdowns
Planned End of Month Inventory
Planned Beginning of Month Inventory
OTB (Open-To-Buy)
Reductions Calculator      
Gross Retail Sales    
  $'s Method   % Method
Markdowns ($'s)  
Employee Discounts ($'s)  
Customer Discounts ($'ss)  
Stock Shortages ($'s)  
Net Sales After Reductions  
Sell-Through Rate Calculator  
Units Sold
Units Received
Sell-Through Rate %
Stock-to-Sales Ratio Calculator  
Enter Beginning of Month Stock ($'s)
Enter Sales for the Month ($'s)
Stock-to-Sales Ratio
Financial Ratios Calculators  
Acid-Test Ratio  
Current Assets (Cash + Marketable Securities + Accounts Receivable)
Current Liabilties
Acid-Test Ratio
Current Ratio  
Current Assets (Cash + Marketable Securities + Accounts Receivable)
Current Liabilities
Current Ratio
Cash Ratio  
Cash Equivalents
Marketable Securities
Currrent Liabilities
Cash Ratio
Quick Ratio  
Current Assets (Cash + Marketable Securities + Accounts Receivable)
Current Liabilities
Quick Ratio