General Program Parameters  
Enter the total promotional costs (for item or campaign)
Enter total audience, mailing quantity or circulation
Enter the Average Order Merchandise Value (or value for single product)
Enter the Gross Margin Percent
Fulfillment & Order Processing Related Costs  
Returns % (Enter campaign average returns % for this product or campaign if more than one product.  This % may vary from 10 to 100% depending on the product and product category.)
Bad Debt % (Enter campaign average bad debt %.  This figure may also vary by product category.)
Credit card discount rate (Enter discount rate %.)
Credit card processing fee (Enter the processing fee %.)
Fulfillment Costs Per Order (Warehousing, Picking & Packing, Supplies, Order Processing, Etc.) *
Actual Outbound Shipping Costs
Postage/Shipping/Handling Costs Billed to Customer
Total Order Parameters  
Total Order Value
Total Order Costs
Total Margin $'s (if the total margin $'s are zero or a negative amount, you will not be able to achieve breakeven no matter how many of these orders or products you ship.
Breakeven percentage required based on the average order value and gross margin percentage entered.
Breakeven orders required
Note:  The breakeven is the response rate required for the margin $'s generated from all sales to cover total advertising and other costs for the promotion.