Campaign Revenue Projections  
Total Revenue from Campaign (or tactic) (single or multiple products)
Total Campaign Orders
Average Shipping & Handling Charge Billed To Customer (per Order)
Note: If the sales do not involve shipping the orders to the customer,  you can leave the "Average Shipping & Handling Charge" billed to customer blank.
Campaign Costs  
Merchandise gross margin %
Cost of goods (total)
Returns % (Enter campaign average returns % for this product or campaign if more than one product.)
Bad Debt % (Enter campaign average bad debt %.)
Credit card discount rate (Enter discount rate %.)
Credit card processing fee (Enter the processing fee %.)
Fulfillment costs per order *
Postage/shipping costs per order
Total product and sales related costs
Enter total of all marketing (promotional / advertising costs)
Total campaign costs (including marketing, product and sales related costs)
Note: If there are no postage / shipping costs or fulfillment costs, you can leave these cells blank.
Campaign ROAI  
Gross Profit on Sales (before marketing costs)
Shipping & Handling Revenue
Total Gross Profit
Campaign Net Profit (less total marketing investment Costs)
Net profit per order
Campaign ROAI (ROMI)