Costs    Quantities    Total Costs 
Letter (copy / design) / page # of pages
Brochure (Catalog) (copy / design) / page # of pages
Outer Envelope (copy / design) / envelope # of envelopes
BRC or Order Form (copy / design) / BRC /Order Form # of BRCs / Order Forms
BRE (copy / design) / BRE # of BREs
Laser Letter          
Setup Charge   # of Discrete Letters
Version Change Charge   # of Discrete Letters
Disk / Data Processing   # of Discrete Letters
Laser Letter /1000 Printing Quantity
Letter Head /1000 Printing Quantity
Outer Envelop /1000 Printing Quantity
Brochure /1000 Printing Quantity
BRC /1000 Printing Quantity
BRE /1000 Printing Quantity
List Rental Charges          
Names /1000 Rental Quantity
Tape (Disk, etc.) Total Charges    
Merge / Purge /1000 Rental Quantity
Collating, inserting, sorting /1000 Mailing Quantity
Presorting /1000 Mailing Quantity
Premium or Free Gift Included in mail package    
Premium per unit Quantity
Postage /1000 Mailing Quantity
Total Costs Grand Total
        Cost/1,000 Mailed