Input Values (check box to right to close section)
Booth Cost
# of Shows Booth Will Be Used
Booth Cost Amortized
Booth Space Rental Charge
Booth Setup / Operational Expenses
Show Advertising/Promotional Cost
Premiums / Promotional Items for Leads
Number of Staff Attending Show
Average Expenses per Staff Member (air, hotel, meals, entertainment, etc.)
Average Transaction Value of Sales Generated From Leads Generated at the Show
Average Gross Margin % of Transactions
# of People Attending Show
Conversion Rates (check box to right to close section)
Expected % of Non-Buyers (media, guests, exhibit personnel, spouses, students, etc.)
Net Audience (Potential Buyers)
AIF * (defaults to all-industries average of 44%.)
Number of High Interest Attendees 
% of Attendees That are Your Target Audience
% of Audience That Will Stop at Your Booth
Conversion % of Attendees to Leads
Conversion % of Leads into Buyers
Calculations (check box to right to close section)
Total Booth Cost
Total Advertising/Promotional Cost
Total Show Cost
Total Effective Audience
Target Audience Size That Will Visit Your Booth
# of Leads Generated
# of New Customers / Buyers
Projected Results (check box to right to close section)
Total Revenue Generated
Total Gross Margin $'s Generated
Number of Buyers Needed to Obtain BE for Show
Show Breakeven % (Buyers Needed to Achieve Breakeven)
Gross Sales Required to Achieve Breakeven for Show Costs
Cost per Lead
Cost per Buyer
Projected Show ROI