Input Variables
Gross Revenue Target for Period
Number of Months in Period
Number of Salespeople Working Leads
Average Sale (Order, Transaction) Value
Gross Margin % per Sales
Total Promotional Costs for Period (advertising, direct marketing, PR, sales promotion, etc.)
Total Selling Costs for Period (payroll, incentives, training, supporting costs)
Percentage of Sales Coming from marketing programs.  (Use 100% if all leads and sales generated are the direct result of marketing programs.  This same percentage will be used to allocate all or a portion of the total selling costs to the breakeven, and profit and loss calculations for marketing programs.)
Projected Conversion Rates
Conversion Rate % of Inquiries to Leads (Use 100% if you don't distinguish between inquiries and leads.)
Conversion Rate % of Leads to Opportunities
Conversion Rate % of Opportunities (Use 100% of you don't distinguish between opportunities and qualified opportunities.)
Conversion Rate % of Qualified Opportunities to Sales (Closes)
Lead & Cost Projections For Period
Revenue from Marketing Program Leads
Total Program Leads  
# of Sales from Marketing Programs
# of Qualified Opportunities Needed
# of Qualified Leads Needed
# of Leads Needed
# of Inquiries Needed
Per Sales Rep (Account Executive)  
# of Leads Needed / Sales Rep / Period
# of Leads Needed / Sales Rep / Month
# of Qualified Opportunities Needed / Sales Rep / Period
# of Sales Needed / Sales Rep / Period
# of Qualified Opportunities Needed / Sales Rep / Month
# of Sales Needed / Sales Rep / Month
Costs & ROI Projections  
Cost per Inquiry
Cost per Lead
Cost per Qualified Lead
Cost per Qualified Opportunity
Cost per Sale
Total Marketing Programs Expenditures for Period (All promotional costs including sales selling costs)
Profits & ROI Calculations
Product Costs Percentage
Sold Product Costs
Total Product, Marketing & Selling Costs (Total Investment)
Profit $s Generated from Marketing Programs