Enter total response universe
  Enter total advertising costs for Step 1 (This is the total costs for lists rental, space costs, creative and production costs of the campaign in the mail.)
  Enter Fulfillment costs per response for Step 2 - (Fulfillment costs includes:  collateral (creative, design, production costs), incentives, premiums, mailing and shipping costs, supporting teleservices, etc.)
  Conversion Rates  
  Enter conversion rate from inquiry to leads (%)
  Enter conversion rate from leads to opportunities (%)
  Enter the conversion rate from opportunities to qualified opportunities (%)
  Enter conversion rate from qualified opportunity to closes (sales)
  Enter average revenue for sale
  Enter gross margin % for average sale (%)
  Projected Campaign Results Calculator  
  Enter Projected Response Rate  for this campaign.  (You can enter response rates based on history, or your estimate. ) (%)
  Projected Results Based on Projected Response Rate (above):  
  Total Inquiries
Total Advertising Cost - Step 2
Adv Cost per Inquiry (includes Step 1 & 2)
  Total Leads
Advertising Cost per Lead
  Total Opportunities
Advertising Cost per Opportunity
  Total Qualified Opportunities
Advertising Cost per Qualified Opportunity
  Total Sales Transactions (Orders)
Advertising Cost per Sale (per Order)
  Total Advertising Costs
  Gross Margin $'s per Sale (per Order)
  Total Campaign Revenue
  Total Campaign Margin $'s
  Total Campaign Profit $'s
  Total Campaign Profit %
  Enter percentages as a number, e.g., 2.5 for 2.5%, 55 for 55%, etc.